Bundled up! ❤

Lucia’s empty early morning streets…

Little travel buddy! ❤

All the chocolate!

So glad we can see these places together ❤
Standing on an an ancient Roman wall…
Pit stop ❤
Italy has the best cappuccino – The end.
Haha, not in France, but still needed a pic 😉
Lucia’s BEAUTIFUL main plaza 

Obligatory photo… lol
Inside the cathedral in Pisa

Foggy San Gimignano 
SO picturesque 

Lol… I don’t know….
Christmassy in Siena

Chocolate fondue fountain

Siena Cathedral. Kinda eerie, right?!
Keeping each other warm ❤

Last night in Montecatini Terme

After Florence, we headed up to Lucca, Pisa, San Gimignano and Siena- or the region of Tuscany! Something I never realized before traveling in central Italy is that Tuscany is not a city, but a region or “county.” Sorry if that’s a no brainer, but I honestly was clueless!! I had always thought Florence was a place, not a bunch of different places. So anyways, over Thanksgiving weekend, we hit several smaller towns/cities besides Florence in central Italy.

Seriously, it was so nice to have a guide for part of the time because you could really learn the history behind all the small towns. Lucca was gorgeous and the whole city was surrounded by the original Roman wall. It was pretty incredible!

One thing that was so amazing about Pisa were the other structures the made up the rest of the church grounds. Of course the leaning tower of Pisa is just the bell tower, but the church and the baptistry were so beautiful – inside and outside.

Sam Gimignano was so so so pretty. It was early in the morning when we got there, so the fog was really thick, but it had such a cool feel with the moisture lingering in the air. I loved the medieval feel of Siena. The churches were not as colorful and the stones everywhere – the buildings, the streets, the walls – had so much character. It is crazy to think about how many eras those stones had seen. How many millions of people over hundreds of years have touched them… Such an incredible thought.

We finished our trip with Siena which was such a bustling city. There were some of the sweetest cafes there though and we had to duck into one to warm up with some lasagne. The cathedral in Siena is probably the most detailed one I’ve seen yet! Seriously breathtaking.

Anyways! That wraps up our latest trip!! Not a moment too soon – we leave for Germany on Saturday!!!!!! 😀

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