Matching! ❤
Probably the most iconic duomo in Italy
The detail is unreal

Flattering angel, Duke, very flattering haha
Just tucked into one of the hundreds of cobblestone streets

Ponte Vecchio

Pit stop!
Glorious pastries 
Duke thinks that bite’s for him LOL

Florence is known for its leather
Tuckered out… ❤

Christmas lights!!!! 

Our hotel! 
That was a lonnnnng day, guys… lol


We recently drove up to Tuscany and visited a few beautiful towns/cities in the north central part of Italy. Florence was very busy and crowded, but the architecture and the streets were so beautiful! The two churches we visited there were so iconic and really took your breath away – the details on EVERY. SINGLE. PART. of the outsides of the buildings were just astonishing. Honestly though, the insides of the churches felt so cold and empty – the outsides looked grand, spectacular, really, the insides felt so hopeless. It really made me think about how we as Christians, are the church. Not a building. Not a place. The Holy Spirit within us has given us the privilege to “meet with God” through prayer at ANY place. Not just inside a beautifully decorated building, but on a rainy street under an umbrella; in a kitchen baking; soothing a crying baby – anywhere! It is such a privilege and it was great to be reminded of this precious truth.

The hotel we stayed at was so so pretty. I loved the lit up streets with tons of little shops… We shopped and ate, stayed up so late, but there was so much to take in! 🙂 We will definitely go back!!



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