Busy Days + Thanksgiving!

Shopping buddy!

Little pals
“Mom, just pick one already!”
The boys
Our s’more ornament collection (Thanks Dad!)
Wide eyed and bushy tailed!
Always snacking
Matching! ❤
Using those chubby fingers!!
Mama’s little angel
The most wonderful time of the year!
Working on a little nursery project!


Duke’s bedroom!
Thanksgiving spread…

Duke looks so ready! 😛
First family Thanksgiving!

Post-meal snuggle coma ❤


What a fantastically busy few weeks it’s been! Loving the cool weather and the time to reflect on the blessings this year has held. So grateful for our family’s addition: Duke. He is the center of our lives and brings so much laughter and joy. I’m grateful for the opportunity to live in Italy, for the smooth move and the travels we’ve already been able to do. And for family, as far away as they may be this holiday season –  I love and miss each one and wish we could all be together again.

We’ve been picking away at the house and decorating, been going on lots of little family outings and Duke and I have been hanging out with friends during the day. I love my little shopping buddy! He is such a little flirt with all the Italian ladies and they love to talk to him and squeeze his chubby cheeks – he totally soaks it in. So funny!

Thanksgiving Day we enjoyed a little Thanksgiving meal as a family – Duke even got in on it! Then we got up super early to drive up to Tuscany the day after Thanksgiving, and oh my goodness, I cannot wait to share the pictures from our weekend! It was so beautiful!!!

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