Almost six months

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Putting on his best face for food 😉
That lip ❤
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“I think I like shopping…” haha!
New toy!!!
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Daddy time!
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Rocking that teething rash 😉
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Packing our littles into our little car
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Just woke up!
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The definition of happiness, right here
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His favorite!
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Bedtime shenanigans, and look at those ROLLS!


It’s incredible to think Duke is 1/2 year old. How on earth did the time fly by so fast?! Every stage has been my favorite – tiny, snuggly little infant Duke; Slow blinking, observant Duke; wild, ravenous, curious Duke; and now heavy, happy, moving Duke! He is such a precious boy, and lately has loved to snuggle his head into my neck and face, between spastic “bucking” and wriggling, that is! haha It’s sweet to have a little bit of the infant Duke back –  but that is about where the word “infant” in relation to Duke ends!!!

He is huge. Like wearing 12 month clothes, no problem, and weighing somewhere around 25 lbs! Wearing him in the baby carrier is getting harder and harder for me – I have to let Danny carry him for long distances because my back is killing me after a 1/2 hour!

He absolutely LOVES being out and about, so on the days we’re home, he’s super antsy and cranky. The more observing he can do and interaction he has, the happier he is. And he’s is getting SOOO vocal these days! I think I’m going to post some of the videos we’re taking to YouTube because they are just too funny. Ohhh and when the Italians see him, they just go crazy! They talk to him and blow kisses, squeeze his chubby thighs and toes and call anyone else around them over to see his big smile. He’s an complete attention king – it’s unbelievable. haha

And eating…….. I mean, where do I even begin?! This big bub completely freezes when he sees us eating. The whole world could be crashing down around him and he would be hearing angel’s songs while zooming in on our pasta. He eats 3 baby food squeeze pouches a day!!!! And cereal. AND he still nurses! Honestly, this boy is a monster. He’s sitting in his own high chair now and loving his little vantage point while I work (most of the time).

He got a new toy – a bouncer –  and is in love! It’s hilarious how intense he is with his toys, or whatever he can get his hands on – he gets super honed into whatever he’s doing and makes the most hilarious sounds, grunts and screeches. I mean, honestly, we’re constantly laughing around this kid. And he loves reading books with Daddy! His favorite is 10 Little Ladybugs, but a runner up would have to be Goodnight Moon.

I can’t wait to see how his 6 month appointment goes in a week. I’m so curious to know how long he is and how much he weighs!! I’ll keep you posted 😉


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